Group Info

NCI Is Great for Groups - of ALL Varieties!

No Compromise International offers trips and experiences that are GREAT for Groups! Your Youth Ministry, Senior Adults, a Sunday School Class, your College Ministry, and lots more are welcome.


SIZE Doesn't Matter...

NCI short-term Mission Trips AND oportunities for International Christian Travel are open to Students (Grades 9 - College-age), AND their Adult Leaders. We require a 1-5 ratio (Adults to Students). Smaller groups are welcome, too!


International Christian Travel...

These events are geared for Students AND Adults alike, and offer the best of educational & sightseeing experiences AND travel opportunities - All with a Christian focus! Accommodations are usually based on 2-3 people per room, and the hotels that we use are very nice (3 & 4 Star). A standard trip might include up to 8 nights lodging, with an agressive agenda of sights to see and places to visit!

EXAMPLE: On the Holy Land Trip, accommodations would include one night in Tel Aviv, two in Tiberias (on the Sea of Gallilee), and four nights in Jerusalem (the Capitol City).


How to Register a Group...

Register each individual person using the provided paperwork. Once your completed registration is received, each Group Leader will receive information on the next steps to take!